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Our Story

Seven years ago, I was feeling unhealthy: my energy was off, I had chronic headaches, my immune response was sluggish, and in particular my digestive system was out of sorts. After the birth of my second child and a round of powerful antibiotics for an infection, my body hadn’t returned to its previous vitality.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I gave up gluten as recommended, but felt little difference. When I learned about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which had been formulated decades ago to combat Celiac, I cut out all grains, focused on eating quality proteins and vegetables, and saw a huge health boost. What a difference food can make. It's not easy following a paleo lifestyle, but it's totally worth it!

Top-Quality Ingredients

We use coconut sugar, which is a whole food and has a low glycemic value. We use cassava flour, which replaces grain without requiring “stabilizers” to provide structure; this means that unlike other gluten-free flours, cassava can be substituted for wheat flour 1:1.

Cassava is a tuber grown in South America, known to many Americans as yucca or manioc, and is the plant from which tapioca (flour) is made. Our supplier uses a patented process to produce flour that contains all of the essential protein and fiber of the cassava tuber, and produces exquisite baked goods.

Reclaiming Food

The modern American diet has become overly based on grains, corn and soy. We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner: our cows and chickens are fed these grains rather than their natural diets; it is added to our packaged foods to sweeten and cheapen them. Wheat, corn and soy dominate our plates and our grocery aisles, so they have become the “go to” food for most Americans. But this isn’t the way we are supposed to eat; many of us are becoming sick from this standard American diet.

Embrace Grain-Free

Food is, of course, essential for its nutritional values; but food is also important as a social, emotional and even spiritual part of our lives. But eating a restricted diet can be hard. The extra workload of planning and cooking every meal; the fear of getting sick from eating at friend’s houses or in restaurants; the missing of classic comfort food like toast or pancakes.

The food we eat must provide our nutrition, but also affects us emotionally, spiritually and socially. Breads and other baked goods are beloved, even considered essential, by many. Other Foods Baking Mixes offer an opportunity to those who have embraced a grain-free diet (by choice or through medical restriction) to enjoy bread that is delicious and familiar, and sweet treats they may have thought were gone for good.